"Teaching Solutions Test Success Systems Make
Groundbreaking Leaps In Cost-Effective
Test Prep!"

Teaching Solutions believes that becoming a certified teacher should be a rewarding journey, not an expensive one.

But the prices of brand-name test prep might make potential teachers think otherwise. In fact, teachers’ blogs and forums are riddled with posts and complaints over the price of testing materials, with many study guides easily pushing the $200 mark.

It’s a costly experience that can make many future teachers feel like trying to pass to pass their test is one big scam. It doesn’t have to be that way according to Ann Andersen, founder of Teaching Solutions. She states, “You don’t need to have a fat bank account to get your teacher certification.

She states, “Teaching Solutions makes the difference for thousands of test takers each year.” Andersen goes on to say, “Your upcoming test date can be your ticket to an exciting new career in education or…

…and a missed chance at a lucrative $40,000 teacher’s salary!”

Teaching Solutions Test Success Systems
Offer High-Quality Test Prep For Less

Fortunately, the educational experts at “Teaching Solutions” know that high-quality test prep doesn’t have to cost a week’s salary.

That’s why Teaching Solutions introduced their new innovative and comprehensive test coaching and prep program – and they’ve certainly delivered. In fact, a recent 2012 third-party study revealed that students of Teaching Solutions Test Success Systems enjoyed an average pass rate that was 21% higher than the scores of testers who used an official study guide.

And educational experts agree that that 21% advantage translates into faster job opportunities with lightning fast access to professional teacher salaries and a greater chance at changing the world, one student at a time.

How Teaching Solutions Develops Their
World-Class Test Success System

The Teaching Solutions Test Success Systems continue to play an important role in the lives of thousands of potential certified teachers. Their cost-effective, comprehensive teacher certification material remains unparalleled in the world of test preparation.

According to certified teacher and founder Ann Andersen, the key to success lies in Teaching Solutions homegrown roots. This powerhouse certification prep company first started with just a small group of certified teachers who were tired of inefficient and expensive testing materials – and decided to do something about it.

But just how does this renowned test coaching and prep company keep the cost of their award-winning study guide and test coaching so low? After all, it seems that test preparation with a personal Test Coach to mentor you to a passing score would be super costly. Not to mention that the fact that each of the Teaching Solutionss "7 Day Comprehensive Success System" study materials that are updated each month.

  • Teaching Solutions partners with the test prep experts, certified teachers and recent test takers who pass the various exams. These partners go through a rigorous Test Coaching training program to learning the proprietary information to crack the code of each test.

    Most other study guide books on the market only update their materials every 3-5 years. This results in poor pass rates and dramatic delays in entering the Teaching profession. Teaching Solutions’s answer to this problem is to have staff spend several hundred hours each month updating the study guides to ensure they reflects constant changes made to each test.

    These same test researchers administer the Test Coaching test prep membership which personally assists clients one-on-one to pass their test. Teaching Solutions study guide developers aren’t just experts in the realm of education; they’ve also taken the teacher certification exams themselves. In fact, about 25% are former Teaching Solutions member clients who passed and now want to help others succeed.
  • Each teacher certification study guide has been packed with need-to-know test information that isn’t found on the official guide – meaning that their prep material doesn’t fall victim to information overload.
  • More free practice tests guarantees that students with even the tightest budgets can get a taste of real testing conditions – a vital part of any expert testing strategy!
Teaching Solutions offers a better way to pass those tricky teacher certification exams – so test takers don’t waste their hard-earned money on inferior study materials.

Thousands of Test Takers Know The Secret
To Teacher Certification Success…

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